About Me

Diana Wentworth, is a warm and expansive woman who has a passion for guiding people into absolute clarity about what they truly want. She would love to work with you through her program of seven interactive one-on-one sessions so you will be eager to “tell a new story” about who you truly are, and what special gifts you alone bring into this world.


Jack Canfield, in his #1 bestseller, The Success Principles, features Diana in several lengthy excerpts from his book:

Diana von Welanetz Wentworth is someone who has always focused on her core genius while following her heart
and has been wildly successful as a result. . .
Diana is an award-winning international speaker, a New York Times bestselling author of eight books, and co-author of two books in the Chicken Soup for the Soul series.
An entrepreneur in all of her 50-year career, she hosted a long-running international television series on cooking and entertaining.
Her a life-changing journey into the Soviet Union with leaders in human potential led Diana to become the Founder of The Inside Edge Foundation for Education (www.InsideEdge.org). This was a weekly breakfast forum in Southern California that has hosted 1500 of the world’s top speakers and influencers over the past 32 years.
The Lifetime Network bought film rights to her romantic memoir, Send Me Someone.
Expect Magic! Is the title of her forthcoming book, and the subject of her one-on-one coaching. 
Here are the words Mark Victor Hansen uses to introduce her:
Diana is the Queen of Hearts!  . . .  A master of making things happen, Diana’s a catalytic connector of great people and life-enhancing projects.  With her ability to positively impact everyone and every idea that comes her way, she’s created a lasting, heart-centered legacy!  I think the world of her!”