Would it be fun and beneficial for us to connect through seven weekly one-on-one sessions as we explore your fabulous future?

Let me ask you . . .

What heart-centered feelings will you enjoy when you live in “true clarity” with your life purpose and your legacy in this world?

How will your life and productivity improve when you develop exciting new skills to uplift habitual, downward-spiraling thoughts into expansive states of mind?

How will listening daily to a high-tech recording, in your own voice, of your own Ideal Life Vision, remind you of who you truly are?

How will a 10-minute morning ritual spark you into more aliveness and positivity?

What if you become familiar with the laws of synchronicity . . . so you are continually surprised by new connections and obvious next steps?

How fulfilling will your new life become?

Be astonished!

Diana is looking for just a few creative and accomplished people to mentor this summer between July 1 and August 31, 2017.

Here are topics, tools and techniques that are included:

* Action and Accountability (the essentials!)

* Easily learnable ways to lift your vibration, maintain clarity, and strengthen your power to magnetize your dreams.

* Forward-thinking “Quintessential Questions”—expecting life-enhancing answers

* Sharpen your Inner Listening

* The Art and Alchemy of creating authentic connection with others.

*Positioning your caring self to become authentically received by those you admire.

*Feeling joy and positive, empowering emotions.

*Experiencing Grace, and living in high states of expectation and wonder.